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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Melaka D Paradise Resort...Part 3 (final)

Continuation from yesterday
A lot of funny looking cactus there!

This is not your normal banana as well!

THere is also a deer farm there.
DO you know what they use their deers for?!?!?
I will show you later in this blog!

The guide said you can take bread and feed the deer, but I don't think that is what he meant!


This place is very big!!

Also got ostrict farm during the day safari.

You can also feed the ostrict. They are very friendly

The crab is not that friendly! Maybe that is why we call it a crab!

The nicest part is the Orang Asli VIllage!

Mainly it shows authentic Bidayu and Iban houses!

Now you know what the deers are used for?!?!
I am sure if my second sister was here, she would have check this guy's teeth and say

"Nah! never brush teeth lah! That's why he die!"

The guide said that they sometimes put dead bodies inside this things!

That explains why the police sign is on this thing!

I think they are very free to build an upside down house!

Finally we visited the rabbit farm!

But the area very big and makes it very hard to catch those buggers!

After the safari, we had our final lunch there.
Much better food then the day before!

Even the boy that calls me "magic koko" agreed's with me!

Do all kids have to play with their food?!?!

We close the camp with a presentation of our group's project....

And prize giving!...My group won!

They thank me for my help!

And we finally say goodbye to the staff there!!
BYE!!! BYE!!

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