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Two souls who by the grace of God found each other. As we love each other, we remember that it is God's love that made this all possible. As we strive to build a strong relationship, we remember that it is actually our r'ship with CHRIST that binds us together. So as we will begin our life together, it is our desire to share God's love to this world and be CHRIST's humble servant wherever He may call us! Now with the arrival of Breanne Chan, we pray that we will be able to bring her up according to God's Commands and Love!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wedding Pictures!

The wedding is over!
And so is the honeymoon! Boo Hoo Hoo!
But Joanne and I are so grateful to God for so many well wishes, help and support from all our friends and relatives!!

There are so many people to thank and we really dunno where to start!

I guess we really do need to start by thanking all our wonderful photographers for all their help and hardwork!

Without it my wife and I would not have such nice photos!

Do check out the links for the various photographers

My family

Extended Family

Church Family!

(Special thanks to Yvonne, Tim and our CG members!)

Nilai University College Family!

Methodist College KL Family

Rumah Methodist Nilai Family

Ampang Gospel Centre Family!
(Special thanks to Uncle Allan and Aunty Veron for being so supportive and for all your guidance and help all these years!)

Penang Friends!
(Special thanks to Tairven, Benjamin, Shuen Ling and Chee Hoong! I will always be grateful for your special help during the wedding!)

There are a lot more people to thank! But I don't have time for now!

I promise Joanne and I will get to it as soon as possible!

All Praise and Honor and Glory be unto our Lord Jesus Christ!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Map Of the Church We Are Getting Married In!

Please click on it for a bigger version.
If anybody who is still unsure of the area, please feel free to e-mail or call me or Joanne!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The week before the wedding!

Last Sat we had our rehearsal!

My niece and nephew were great!
I hope they can do just as well on the real day!

TOo bad the Pastor didn't let me practice the kissing part!

Then later in the week we went to do the legal registration.

Most duh! pic I have ever taken! Selamat Datang?!?
I like Joanne in this pic!

The registrar briefing us!
I sign!
She sign!
Her father sign!
My bestman sign!
You are now legally declared husband and wife!
Prayer of blessing!
Our first meal together as husband and wife was at....!

Can wait for this sat!!