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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Prime Minister says we can be a develop nation by 2020! Unfortunately we will probably go bankrupt by 2019!

Last Thursday (27May 2010) The Star reported that Malaysia will be bankrupt by 2019 if it does not cut subsidies and rein in borrowings, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Idris Jala on Thursday.


3 days later Our Prime Minister says that Malaysia can be a developed nation by 2020, if the country registers a continuous six per cent annual growth.

Oh wow! This means that our Country will be a develop, bankrupt nation in 10 years time!

To be fair to the PM, he did say that...

"To achieve this goal, we need to enhance economic growth. We must achieve the six per cent annual growth and God willing, by 2020, we can achieve the status of a developed nation,” he said at the closing ceremony of the Bumiputera Economic Congress: New Economic Model 2010, here yesterday.

I wonder what Najib means by "developed nation"?

Instead of just looking at the GDP figures, the govt should actually look at things such as...

1. Distribution of wealth
2. Quality of Education
3. Standard/Quality of Living
4. Government Department Service Standard.
5. Medical Care
6. Minimum Wage rate
7. Welfare Support
8. Freedom of Religion/Speech
9. Cost of living
10. Quality of basic utilities and services (such as roads, telekom/TM, and etc.)

And so much more!!

Lets be honest! If the PM were to evaluate a develop nation status base on those requirements, I don't think we are anywhere near develop status!!

I think the scary question should be what happen to all our money??

Malaysia is a very bless country with a lot of natural resource such as petroleum, rubber, tin, oil palm, and etc!


Idris Jala reported that Malaysia's debt has increased steadily from RM 90 bill in 1997 to over 407 in 2010

That's RM317billion in 13 years!

This means that the government has spend and average of RM24.35billion more than their income every year for the past 13 years!!!

I wonder what was Malaysia's income figures like over the past 13 years!
Was that during an economic boom period??

Oh man! And now the govt wants us normal Malaysian to pay for their mistakes!

I guess what makes me most mad at is when I read reports like...
1. Auditor General reported that the govt paid RM5700 for a CAR JACK worth RM50!

2. Or our PM spending 3.7billion on a submarine. (that does not work!)

3. Or our PM simply promising people money with out proper consultation or budgeting!

4. Or the new Istana negara worth RM1.1billion

5. How our politician have looted Malaysia or RM100billion!

May God have mercy upon us and remove all corrupt government leaders from their position!!

A night out with Juwita Suwito

Last Saturday night my wife and I was helping out at the Stedfast Association KL 15th Anniversary Dinner at Bukid Jalil Golf and Country Club.

First time we went back there since out wedding dinner almost a year ago!
And Ironically I was in a suit again playing the guitar!!
And YES! I did sing the same song to my wife during the sound check!
(Oh my Darling you've rescued me, from a life of loneliness!...)

Joanne was there to help
Juwita Suwito sell her CDs! She was our guest star, entertaining us that night! I must say I think she is even better than this year's American Idol finalist!
Juwita, her mom and my parents go way back! Both our dad's were Methodist Church Pastors!
I admire
Juwita's humility even through they have found fame and success in her singing career!

1st thing she told me when we met that night was that she was doing some cleaning and found and old YLDP Camp handbook and found out that she, me and Jaclyn Victor were in the same camp together and that we were in the same group.

So anyway Joanne's was busy helping
Juwita sell her CDs while Juwita sign autographs.

Juwita was very sweet to give one of her flower bouquet that was given to her to Joanne.

Needless to say I was very naughty, and wanted the flowers all to myself!!! Hehehehehe!!!

Joanne and I would like to thank Juwita for the flowers and we would like to wish her and her mom all the success and blessing of God upon their lives!

She is indeed a very talented local artist that deserve our support!

For more pictures please visit my picture gallery here!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chuck's Fans!

My friend taught me to download Chuck show here
and here.

I am going to try it! You can too if you are a fan!

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's not politics! It's my conviction!

I don't really want to blog about politics here, but my feelings on this issue is so strong that I cannot ignore it.

As a Christian with my roots in the Methodist Church I feel strongly that I have an obligation to highlight this issue to all my friends and family!

So what is the issue?
It was reported in Malaysia Insiders that “special grants” of RM1.75 million were given to four Methodist churches on the eve of polling day.

While some Christian may say that it is ok to take the money as long as you vote for the opposition after that. After all it is our money (from taxes) in the first place.

I strongly believe that we should set an example to show that the Methodist Church cannot be bought or accept any money that may be construe as a bribe.

Whole Malaysia is watching us!

Muslim, Hindu, Buddist and etc are all watching!

Most importantly God is watching!
I would like to have a word with our Bishop on this issue the first opportunity I get!

We must not let the good name of Methodist be tarnish by this issue!

Please take time to read a great article on this issue below!
We don’t take such money — Goh Keat Peng

While I am on this topic, I just want to shoot MCA for saying that DAP played dirty by bring up sensitive issue to the Sibu buy-election (NO! I did not misspelled buy-election)

1. Pot calling the kettle black!
MCA, (using their Star newspaper) tried to scare the Chinese votes with the PAS Islamic state agenda!

2. Those "sensitive" issue are really relevant to the Christian community and ignoring this issue only makes it worst!
Especially issues on Malay Bible being seized by the Home Ministry!

3. Speaking of playing dirty, I think the dirtiest player here is non-other than our very own Prime Minister! Just watch his speech below and come to a conclusion yourself on who is playing dirty!

If you can't watch You Tube, you can read the script here!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Second Honey Moon!

Joanne and I just had our "second Honeymoon" at Legend International Water Homes in PD.
We got some special package for this hotel last year during the Matta Fair so we decided to use it before the voucher expires.
I must say that this is an interesting concept for a hotel.
The main attraction was of course your personal indoor swimming pool!
(They even have swimming pool on the upstairs rooms)
The pool is right next to the bedroom and the extremely huge bathroom
The bedroom itself is also very nice and big.

IT HAS 2 KING size bed! So actually it was kind of big for
just the two of us!
This place is actually very nice for families with at least 2 kids or a guy with his 3 wives!

There are good things and lousy things about this hotel!
First the good things!
I love the beds and the deco of the room!
Oh! and they have a lot of Astro channels (including Disney Channel)

The bathroom here is huge and nice!

They even give you a full complimentary range of toiletries
There is also a kitchen here which is a good thing cause the food sold here in their restaurant is ridiculously expensive!

This brings me to the bad part!

This indoor pool is over rated! It is not big enough to swim in it (only 4 feet deep). It is vert cold and does not even have jacuzzi in it. Young kids will enjoy splashing water in it or maybe bring your toy boat or rubber ducky to float in it but for adults....there is nothing much you can do in it! So again, it is a nice place if you have kids or 3 wives to entertain!
Outside the room is the swimming pool area. Very nice to see but that was about it for us!

The whole swimming pool was only 4 FEET deep!!
How to swim in 4 feet deep pool???
I was actually quite annoyed that all the facilities are chargeable!

Ok charging RM10 per hour for the bicycle was ok but they also charge RM10 for the use of their very tiny gym and lousy ping-pong bats and plastic children's ping-pong ball was totally unreasonable!So again, this is a nice place to bring your kids but you got to remember to bring your own ping-pong bats, balls and etc.
(at least the playground was free! but it was for 12 years and below)
They should have an our door gym!

Oh and remember to bring food that can be microwave cause the restaurant here is unreasonably expensive.
Since we didn't know and didn't bring any food, we decided to go to town to have dinner!

Not knowing what to eat, we ended up in Secret Recipe
For to take picture until after eating all the food.
Funny thing about eating there was that somehow our bill came exactly to RM40.00 and that entitled me to a free piece of cake! Cool!

So having nothing to do here in Legend Int Water Homes, Joanne and I just went jogging around the place and took pictures and the rest of our time we stayed in the room sleeping and watching TV!

Nonetheless it was a great weekend having to do nothing except spending time with my wife and worry about nothing else!

I thank God for His provision and blessing that I am able to spend a short holiday like this with my wife!