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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Day Outing on 7 April

Last 7 April I help out Scripture Union (SU) Malaysia to be a tour guide for some International SU delegates who were visiting Malaysia to help celebrate SU Malaysia 50th Anniversary.

We took them to a bunch of places. Like the King's Palace, and etc.
Not bad also lah! I got to go to some places I would not have bothered to go if I did not volunteer to help out.
Like TUGU Negara! I think I haven't been there for 20 years now!
The Monument is a lot bigger then I remember it to be.
Somewhere behind Bukit Bintang there were some Batik and Chocolate Tourist Place
Selling a lot of funnie stuff like tongkat Ali
I never seen a real Tongkat Ali before!
Most shocking thing I found is this Elephant Skin Porch!! Isn't this illegal!!!???
This Chocolate House should be called a Slaughter House!
Check out the price for this Ice-Cream!
McDonalds one is only RM1.05 Crazy man!

Speaking of Crazy!
Below is a picture of my Cousin's room!!
Check out his PCsssssss!!
I thought he can run his own server in his room man!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tony Pua visit MCKL!

Last Week I got Tony Pua to come to speak to my College students.

This is a guy who graduated from Oxford then went on to form a company that made Millions! Then went on to sell his share in the company to enter politics!!!

Wah lau!!! Some people I know will call him crazy!!!

Why would he even come back to Malaysia?!?

Why would he quit a company he form and head as CEO to enter politics!

Worst still why would he join the opposition?!?

Is he Mad?!?

He has a family with 2 young kids! Yet he joined DAP and got himself arrested and jailed and etc.

He has my utmost respect!!!

Anyway that was why I got him to come to MCKL. I wanted him to share with the students why he did what he did. Especially with regards to coming back to Malaysia to serve his Country!

He is a true patriot of which I had the privileged to meet!
I even had the chance to sit down with him and to chat with him over tea and I can tell you the this is a real genuine humble sincere guy. Very humble and smart guy. I really wish we had more politicians like him!!
Please check out his blog at
Tony Pua and Family at a Charity Event in SS2. By Chance I was there making balloons for his kids!