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Two souls who by the grace of God found each other. As we love each other, we remember that it is God's love that made this all possible. As we strive to build a strong relationship, we remember that it is actually our r'ship with CHRIST that binds us together. So as we will begin our life together, it is our desire to share God's love to this world and be CHRIST's humble servant wherever He may call us! Now with the arrival of Breanne Chan, we pray that we will be able to bring her up according to God's Commands and Love!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My only Christmas wish! (The proposal)

Last week I shared on my Christmas wish for other friends and family, However I actually have a personal Christmas wish! And that is to get engaged!

So first thing I had to is to shop for a ring.

Let me tell you it is not easy!!!

There are so many places you can go and the stress of buying the right one that she will like is enough to drive any man to go crazy! :P

I wanted to get a beautiful ring that was not too expensive either.

Through these pictures are of Sunway Pyramid...I literally when to every shop in MidValley to look for the perfect ring!

I even took pictures of it to get some feedback from my friends!

Actually most places won't let you take picture but some place were understanding about it!

I knew she wanted a small one that but that was easier said than done!

Finally I got one and proposed to her in Sunway Hotel!
Being a clown I had to use magic and magically appear the ring from under a cup!

I know I know it is not that romantic! But they won't let me lite fire in the hotel!!
So finally I got her this ring! And gave me my Christmas present by saying YES!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Christmas Weekend!

I was working in College last Saturday! (Boo Hoo Hoo!)
Sunday I was also working! But a different kind of work!
As you can see my office space is much bigger in Sunway, than in Methodist College!

This work is usually more fun!
I get to command people around!
Bully kids!
And of course get to talk to stuff toys!
YES! They do talk back to me! :P
Of course another advantage is that after that I can go walking around with nobody recognizing me! Cool Job eh!
Of course after my job I was hungry and decided to look for food!
But Sunway has so much choices, it was hard to decide what to eat.
Even this guy didn't know what to eat! hehehehe!

In the end I decided to get my usually Sushi King cause I needed the free green tea.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Christmas wish list!

While many people come out with a Christmas wish list of what they want for Christmas....
I decided to do something a little different!

I am quite contended with my life and I realise one can never be satisfied with all the material things of this world!
So what's the point!

My wish list is a list of things I wish (pray) for the people (family and friends) close to my heart!

1. My family!
(including cousins, aunties and uncle and my grandma) I pray that they will have good health and joy in this life and the next!

2. My girlfriend and her family!
That they will have a happy family and find the joy of serving God!

3. My Bosses and Ex-bosses!
I have been very bless to have serve under great and kind bosses all my life.

a. Uncle Allan and Aunty Veron!!! Thank you for your guidance and the opportunity to learn about clowning and magic! I hope God will bless your family with success and good futures spouses!

b. Mr Michael Yei and family! Thank you for your teachings, and the faith and patience in me to grown in Nilai University College!! I pray for protection and success for both your sons!!

c. Mr Lim Ming Hsiang and Jeffery Chong! Thank you for putting up with all my nonsense and ambitious ideas! I hope you all and your team will do well for NUC!!! Also blessing to you and your family!!

d. Ms Moey and Mr Khoo! I thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow in Methodist College KL and for having the patience to put up with my mistakes! pray that God will continue to give you the strength, heath and passion for everything that you do!

4. My Colleagues and Ex-colleagues (in Nilai UC and Allan and Friends Studio)
I thank God for good colleagues like Jennifer Ng, Michael Lee, Terry, Moi Moi, Betsy, Datin, Rachel, Angel, Alikader, Mui Fan and etc.
(May God bless you with all that you do!!)

5. My close friends in Allan and Friends Studio
Jeff Mun, Kar Choon, Kong Fei, Ah Hu! David Yap, John Kit, Quinton, Winson, Calvin, Ah Pang and Ravi!

(thanks for your friendship, help and favours when I needed you guys!)

6. In Nilai UC
Seok Mei, Yvonne, K, Pili, Patrick, Jeff Botak, Elaine, Steven, Benjamin, Laksit, Malik, Yeow Fung, Justin, Tze Chuan, See Ming, Chun Han, Sun, CJ, Jack, Jun Hwa, Stephanie, Adam, San San, Tze Yin, Huzaimi, Din, Hoho, Mr and Mrs Chan and Ms Mee Chooi!

(you have indeed made my time in Nilai a memorable one!)

7. In Rumah Methodist Nilai
Pastor Philip, Pastor Chan,Te Xiong, Xion Ching, Jonny, Li Jie, Mui Fan, and all the caring Church members there!
( I really miss the warm friendship there!)

8. Friends back in Trinity Methodist Penang!
Tairven and family, Ruth and family, Shane and family, Joyce, Chui Ying and etc.

( I do miss the go old days with all of you!)

9. Other close friends from Penang!
Sheng Ling,Chee Hoong, Peter Gee! Andrew Lau! Daniel Chan! Ming Wei! Julian Goon! Ryan Aw!
(I thank you for your friendship through the years)

10. Other close friends in KL!
Paul Long, Michael Williams, Anslem Roy.
(I really look up to you and I am grateful for your advise, wisdom and freindship through the years!)

A man's riches is not counted by the material things he possess but by the friendship he makes in his life time! And I count myself blessed and rich by all the friendship I have over the years!

So I just want to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend at Sunway Pyramid...again!

I literally spend the last weekend at Sunway Pyramid!

Friday evening I went to the movies with my old Nilai College friends! (of course none of them are in NUC anymore lah!)

We went to watch "The day the earth stood still"
It was a horrible movie! Lousy story line, with lousy acting and the visual effect wasn't great either!
This was like a bad, grade B, straight to video movie that I would not even have rented to watch.
Keanu Reeves still acted like he is in the matrix. And you will come out from the movie theater saying "Is that's it only ah?!?"

The toilet in Sunway Pyramid was more interesting than the show!

Saturday and Sunday I was at Sunway Pyramid again! But this time I was working at the stage performing a clown, magic and puppet show.

The deco as usually does not do justice to what Christmas is really about but at least I had the opportunity to tell people on stage what Christmas was really about! And it was not as bad the deco in MidValley!
One smart thing the Sunway management did was to put the mini Ferris Wheel next to the stage so that little kids were already there to watch the show. Made my job a whole lot easier!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Today is my sister's birthday!

She is over in the States and so I can't do much for her except to wish her a very blessed birthday!

She has always been a faithful servant of God, a good sister, a responsible daughter, a wonderful teacher/babysitter and recently a devoted wife.
And maybe sometime soon, a blessed mother as well!! (Hehehe!)
I pray and hope for God's Blessing to continue to shower upon her and her family all the days of your life.

I love you big chee!!!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

What I did last weekend! (Sunway)

Last weekend I was at SUNWAY LAGOON!!

It was Sunway Group Family Day and I got invited in by somebody!

There were the customary clowns and games and stuff

But these clowns were not smiling!

At least these clowns were having a good time taking pictures with gals!

Being a clown has its rewards! Wow!

I on the other hand when to look at the other type of attraction! Tiger show!

There were a lot of fun rides and stuffs to do!!

However the queue there on that day was horrible!!!

Every ride you take will take you at least 20 minutes waiting in line!

So I waited

And waited


I think the bridge is probably the only thing you didn't have to queue!

Imagine waiting for half an hour for a ride......

that only took 30sec!!

(watch the girl in this picture....)

(it is not wise to stand to close to the rides)

(you might get very wet!)

(like ME!!)

I even tried the wet park but the queue was even worse and the water was milky and dirty!
Needless to say I didn't really enjoy myself there!!

However the worse thing there is not the queue but the very very very x100000 unreasonable price of food that is sold there!!

I thought ok maybe they have quality food for the prices

I was so wrong!! I tasted better burgers in petrol stations!!!

Even their shabby looking games stall were very highly priced!

Don't get me wrong! Sunway Lagoon can be a nice place to have fun but you will need to know some stuffs so that you can enjoy yourself there!


1. Never go there on a public holiday, weekends or school holidays! (I queue up enough on the roads of KL due to the traffic jam. I don't think you wanna queue up some more on your holidays!)

2. Bring your own food and water! (I know they have rules but I think it is also unethical to charge so much for lousy food!)

3. Bring a long somebody like you grandma who just enjoys watching people play. (the locker cost RM5 for you to open and close it for 1time!!)

4. The twin float cost RM15 for rental and another RM10 for deposit! and all you can use it for is to float around. You can't even use it on any slide!!!

5. If at all possible don't go for anything that requires money! (I think you paid enough at the entrance!)

Finally I left Sunway Lagoon and I came out to see this Chirstmas Decoration!

What has gold raindeers and purple leaves have got to do with Christmas?!?!?!

Malaysia doesn't even have raindeer!!

Whoever came up with this decoration has absolutely no idea about what Christmas is all about!!

(there I let go some steam from my last weekend and I am ready for my upcoming weekend!)