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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Melaka D Paradise Resort Part 2

continuation from yesterday
Breakfast next morning was a simple nasi lemak.

I woke up late....

After breakfast I took my second session teaching at the camp.

We had to play telematch after the morning session.

Then take camp photo

Lunch was ok only as I did not like clamps

Later we spend the whole day at Melaka town shopping.

After shopping Michael Yei took us for a very nice 7 course chinese dinner!


On the way back this little boy who call me "Magic KoKo"

Wanted to seat next to me so that I could entertain him by doing magic tricks for him.

I think he entertain me more than I entertain him as he like to take pictures and make funnie faces!

This is what he thinks of ISA!

This is what he thinks of Syed Hamid!

When we reach home we went on a night safari!

Got to see and touch quails! Also got crocodiles, land crabs and etc.

This is the dangerous land crab!

This is not rambutans!
This is a natural lipstick as it has a nice red dye.

Next day I completed my final session with the campers!

Then we rush off for the morning safari!

The guide taught us about plants and animals there!

That is a plant that mosquito don't like!

WOW! Long man!!

Short and big man!! hehehehe!!!

Passion fruit flower!
They are all over the camp site!
Can just pluck and eat it anytime!
Some scrubs sold at bodywash least that was what I was told!

More pictures to come later!....part 3

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