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Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Second Honey Moon!

Joanne and I just had our "second Honeymoon" at Legend International Water Homes in PD.
We got some special package for this hotel last year during the Matta Fair so we decided to use it before the voucher expires.
I must say that this is an interesting concept for a hotel.
The main attraction was of course your personal indoor swimming pool!
(They even have swimming pool on the upstairs rooms)
The pool is right next to the bedroom and the extremely huge bathroom
The bedroom itself is also very nice and big.

IT HAS 2 KING size bed! So actually it was kind of big for
just the two of us!
This place is actually very nice for families with at least 2 kids or a guy with his 3 wives!

There are good things and lousy things about this hotel!
First the good things!
I love the beds and the deco of the room!
Oh! and they have a lot of Astro channels (including Disney Channel)

The bathroom here is huge and nice!

They even give you a full complimentary range of toiletries
There is also a kitchen here which is a good thing cause the food sold here in their restaurant is ridiculously expensive!

This brings me to the bad part!

This indoor pool is over rated! It is not big enough to swim in it (only 4 feet deep). It is vert cold and does not even have jacuzzi in it. Young kids will enjoy splashing water in it or maybe bring your toy boat or rubber ducky to float in it but for adults....there is nothing much you can do in it! So again, it is a nice place if you have kids or 3 wives to entertain!
Outside the room is the swimming pool area. Very nice to see but that was about it for us!

The whole swimming pool was only 4 FEET deep!!
How to swim in 4 feet deep pool???
I was actually quite annoyed that all the facilities are chargeable!

Ok charging RM10 per hour for the bicycle was ok but they also charge RM10 for the use of their very tiny gym and lousy ping-pong bats and plastic children's ping-pong ball was totally unreasonable!So again, this is a nice place to bring your kids but you got to remember to bring your own ping-pong bats, balls and etc.
(at least the playground was free! but it was for 12 years and below)
They should have an our door gym!

Oh and remember to bring food that can be microwave cause the restaurant here is unreasonably expensive.
Since we didn't know and didn't bring any food, we decided to go to town to have dinner!

Not knowing what to eat, we ended up in Secret Recipe
For to take picture until after eating all the food.
Funny thing about eating there was that somehow our bill came exactly to RM40.00 and that entitled me to a free piece of cake! Cool!

So having nothing to do here in Legend Int Water Homes, Joanne and I just went jogging around the place and took pictures and the rest of our time we stayed in the room sleeping and watching TV!

Nonetheless it was a great weekend having to do nothing except spending time with my wife and worry about nothing else!

I thank God for His provision and blessing that I am able to spend a short holiday like this with my wife!



  1. Looks like a perfect place for me and my family man! Ryan

  2. that's the whole point of having 'nothing' to do. so you can spend more time in the room doing 'nothing' with your wife ;-)

  3. Nice. "almost" jealous. Second honeymoon already! ;)