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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A night out with Juwita Suwito

Last Saturday night my wife and I was helping out at the Stedfast Association KL 15th Anniversary Dinner at Bukid Jalil Golf and Country Club.

First time we went back there since out wedding dinner almost a year ago!
And Ironically I was in a suit again playing the guitar!!
And YES! I did sing the same song to my wife during the sound check!
(Oh my Darling you've rescued me, from a life of loneliness!...)

Joanne was there to help
Juwita Suwito sell her CDs! She was our guest star, entertaining us that night! I must say I think she is even better than this year's American Idol finalist!
Juwita, her mom and my parents go way back! Both our dad's were Methodist Church Pastors!
I admire
Juwita's humility even through they have found fame and success in her singing career!

1st thing she told me when we met that night was that she was doing some cleaning and found and old YLDP Camp handbook and found out that she, me and Jaclyn Victor were in the same camp together and that we were in the same group.

So anyway Joanne's was busy helping
Juwita sell her CDs while Juwita sign autographs.

Juwita was very sweet to give one of her flower bouquet that was given to her to Joanne.

Needless to say I was very naughty, and wanted the flowers all to myself!!! Hehehehehe!!!

Joanne and I would like to thank Juwita for the flowers and we would like to wish her and her mom all the success and blessing of God upon their lives!

She is indeed a very talented local artist that deserve our support!

For more pictures please visit my picture gallery here!

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