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Monday, May 17, 2010

It's not politics! It's my conviction!

I don't really want to blog about politics here, but my feelings on this issue is so strong that I cannot ignore it.

As a Christian with my roots in the Methodist Church I feel strongly that I have an obligation to highlight this issue to all my friends and family!

So what is the issue?
It was reported in Malaysia Insiders that “special grants” of RM1.75 million were given to four Methodist churches on the eve of polling day.

While some Christian may say that it is ok to take the money as long as you vote for the opposition after that. After all it is our money (from taxes) in the first place.

I strongly believe that we should set an example to show that the Methodist Church cannot be bought or accept any money that may be construe as a bribe.

Whole Malaysia is watching us!

Muslim, Hindu, Buddist and etc are all watching!

Most importantly God is watching!
I would like to have a word with our Bishop on this issue the first opportunity I get!

We must not let the good name of Methodist be tarnish by this issue!

Please take time to read a great article on this issue below!
We don’t take such money — Goh Keat Peng

While I am on this topic, I just want to shoot MCA for saying that DAP played dirty by bring up sensitive issue to the Sibu buy-election (NO! I did not misspelled buy-election)

1. Pot calling the kettle black!
MCA, (using their Star newspaper) tried to scare the Chinese votes with the PAS Islamic state agenda!

2. Those "sensitive" issue are really relevant to the Christian community and ignoring this issue only makes it worst!
Especially issues on Malay Bible being seized by the Home Ministry!

3. Speaking of playing dirty, I think the dirtiest player here is non-other than our very own Prime Minister! Just watch his speech below and come to a conclusion yourself on who is playing dirty!

If you can't watch You Tube, you can read the script here!


  1. Welcome back to your original reason for blogging!

  2. Hi,

    Do you think that issues on Malay Bible and the use of Allah word should be politically abused?

  3. Yes! The only time this govt will listen to us is during elections!

    What choice do we have?

    The only time we can show our disapproval is during election.

    The facts are they the govt choose to limit our freedom of religion and even confiscated many Christian Books and Bible.

    Can you do anything about it apart from showing your disapproval during the election?