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Thursday, December 4, 2008

What I did last weekend! (Sunway)

Last weekend I was at SUNWAY LAGOON!!

It was Sunway Group Family Day and I got invited in by somebody!

There were the customary clowns and games and stuff

But these clowns were not smiling!

At least these clowns were having a good time taking pictures with gals!

Being a clown has its rewards! Wow!

I on the other hand when to look at the other type of attraction! Tiger show!

There were a lot of fun rides and stuffs to do!!

However the queue there on that day was horrible!!!

Every ride you take will take you at least 20 minutes waiting in line!

So I waited

And waited


I think the bridge is probably the only thing you didn't have to queue!

Imagine waiting for half an hour for a ride......

that only took 30sec!!

(watch the girl in this picture....)

(it is not wise to stand to close to the rides)

(you might get very wet!)

(like ME!!)

I even tried the wet park but the queue was even worse and the water was milky and dirty!
Needless to say I didn't really enjoy myself there!!

However the worse thing there is not the queue but the very very very x100000 unreasonable price of food that is sold there!!

I thought ok maybe they have quality food for the prices

I was so wrong!! I tasted better burgers in petrol stations!!!

Even their shabby looking games stall were very highly priced!

Don't get me wrong! Sunway Lagoon can be a nice place to have fun but you will need to know some stuffs so that you can enjoy yourself there!


1. Never go there on a public holiday, weekends or school holidays! (I queue up enough on the roads of KL due to the traffic jam. I don't think you wanna queue up some more on your holidays!)

2. Bring your own food and water! (I know they have rules but I think it is also unethical to charge so much for lousy food!)

3. Bring a long somebody like you grandma who just enjoys watching people play. (the locker cost RM5 for you to open and close it for 1time!!)

4. The twin float cost RM15 for rental and another RM10 for deposit! and all you can use it for is to float around. You can't even use it on any slide!!!

5. If at all possible don't go for anything that requires money! (I think you paid enough at the entrance!)

Finally I left Sunway Lagoon and I came out to see this Chirstmas Decoration!

What has gold raindeers and purple leaves have got to do with Christmas?!?!?!

Malaysia doesn't even have raindeer!!

Whoever came up with this decoration has absolutely no idea about what Christmas is all about!!

(there I let go some steam from my last weekend and I am ready for my upcoming weekend!)

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