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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend at Sunway Pyramid...again!

I literally spend the last weekend at Sunway Pyramid!

Friday evening I went to the movies with my old Nilai College friends! (of course none of them are in NUC anymore lah!)

We went to watch "The day the earth stood still"
It was a horrible movie! Lousy story line, with lousy acting and the visual effect wasn't great either!
This was like a bad, grade B, straight to video movie that I would not even have rented to watch.
Keanu Reeves still acted like he is in the matrix. And you will come out from the movie theater saying "Is that's it only ah?!?"

The toilet in Sunway Pyramid was more interesting than the show!

Saturday and Sunday I was at Sunway Pyramid again! But this time I was working at the stage performing a clown, magic and puppet show.

The deco as usually does not do justice to what Christmas is really about but at least I had the opportunity to tell people on stage what Christmas was really about! And it was not as bad the deco in MidValley!
One smart thing the Sunway management did was to put the mini Ferris Wheel next to the stage so that little kids were already there to watch the show. Made my job a whole lot easier!

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