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Monday, November 24, 2008

What I did last weekend!

No they are not my bike!
NAZA had a motor sales fair last weekend!
Had some cool bikes on display!

Dunno if these bikes are road worthy! But they look really cool!!

Also on display were some really cool cars! They are actually for sale!

But how many people you can afford a posh!
Even their mini cars look like it cost a fortune!!
ANd even if the petrol price has come many people can maintain a monster like that!! ( Make that a Super Cool monster!)

This is a beast!!! But where can you park a car like this without worrying about it?!?They really have some very expensive cars here...dun even there to ask about the price....the salesman sure laugh at me wan!
The King has a car just like this! And this used to be James Bond's Car! Aston Martin!
And the main attraction of all has to be the Ferraries!!!
These cool looking cars were like big toys only!

Big toys that you can only see and not touch lah!

So many Ferraries!!! Who will buy them?!?!?

Actually who owns them now?!?!?

This are what we call very expensive stock to hold!! NAZA must have hugh capitallah!!
Dutch Lady has some kids learning smart fair running at Mid Valley from now till 1 week of Dec... I think! I was working there entertaining kids and parents alike.

They have set up in Midvalley exhibition hall 1 some really cool things for kids to play and learn!
Parents also can learn together with the kids!
Wonder what planet is this ah?!?

It is really one hugh playground

And there is even a cool place to rest! hehehehe!!

Now why didn't my mom got me this type of piano!
THey even teach you how to feed kids!.... This one to to be taught one meh?!?!

They say everything seem bigger when you are a kid! But I don't think any kids will feel that small?!?!?

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