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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For Tennis FaNS - Showdown of Champions!

I was really bless that one of my friend got an extra RM588.00 ticket to go watch the Showdown of Champions last night! 4 top stars was on show! John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Nathan Blake, and the King himself!!......Roger Federer!!

Good think I had a decent camera to take pictures of the event!
First match was John vs Borg!

These two old man can still play lah!

But they do get tired easily

Argh!! This used to be a lot easier to do!
Yo!!!Old man!! The net is the their other way!!
Stadium Putra was unfortunately not full!
Not as powerful as before but they still had some very good shots!
And as usual, Johnny had to argue with the referee!
Needless to say John was the most entertaining guy there!! Making sure even the lines man were doing their job!

OK Back to the match!
At the press section, they really have some very very big camera lenses!! And all the reporters no longer take a note pad to write! Now modern!! Take notebook instead!
My good friend Marina was also there.....hehehehe!! Yes Marina I see you too!
The match was very close....but I think they had to make it close if not we might feel that it is not worth our money right?!?

Marina got to go on TV from her seat!

John really knows how to put on a show! Sulking here for the crowd's entertainment!
But be careful what you say to him! He just might come up and get you!!!
He also has no problem gloating when he wins a point!
Or even measure the net when his ball hits the net!
But we all know it is for show and he really is a great guy!
Needless to say he won the match and acknowledge the fans!
And the fans acknowledge him too!!

Some fans may have acknowledge too much!! Hehehehe!!! (Oooooo!! Cute butt!!)

There were some VVIPs too!! The King, Minister of Sports, Najib and his wife.... (Twice this week I bum into him! I wonder if he is following me??)

Mr Lokeman interviewed the oldies after the match!! (Shy only during the prize ceremony Mr Lokeman accidentally called John wrongly. He got confuse and call him Borg instead! hahaha!!)

Next up was the King! Goofing around before the match!

But it was all business when the match started!
It was a much faster pace game...unlike our old man earlier!
But again the matches were so close! I am starting to think it is really fix!

See!!! Federer is human! He can fall down!
Lucky audience gets an up close with King Federer!
Federer finally gets his revenge over Blake after Beijing!
Can't tell if Federer is trying to scare the ball boy or hug him!
Federer acknowledge the crowd after his win over Blake
Getting interviewed after the single match!
While all the pretty gals down there drool at the FEDEX!
The third match of the night was the doubles! America vs Europe!
These 4 of them had a fun time goofing around!!
Federer just pull off a killer shot!!
Borg in awe of King Federer!
All hail the new King!!!
Roger mimicking John!
John: You're doing it wrong! Here! You got to throw the racket as well!
I think he really likes football! Did a lot of this stunts during the match.
John obliging the crowd and throws a fit at the poor referee!
That man there ask you to wake uP!!
Johnny had to have the last say with the referee!!

Surprisingly America won!!
After the match they all shake hands and collect their pay cheques!!
This unfortunately was as close as I got to the tennis stars!!

But I had a fun night! Thanks bro for the tickets! (You know who you are!)

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