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Friday, April 4, 2008

A poem I wrote for Merdeka 2008!


At the southern most tip of the continent Asia,
Lies a beautiful country I love to call Malaysia,
For 51 years it has existed in harmony,
In spite of its many many multi-ethnicity

Hello! Hello! This is how we great each other!
Malay! Indian! Chinese! it doesn’t matter,
Diversity, variety this is Malaysia!
So common Malaysia, let us learn to love each other!

From Serani to Singh to orang Asil,
We are just 1 big multi-cultural community,
So let us build our country in the spirit of unity!
By putting aside our religion, race and even political party!

Common people let us focus on our commonality,
Like our love for nasi lemak, chee cheong fun and even capati!
Discrimination, Favoritism, Cronyism will get you no appreciation,
So common Malaysia, let us see ourselves only as Malaysians!

Life was so much simpler when we were younger,
No matter what race you were we still played lompak katak together!
Let love & patients prevail in all our actions,
And not let racist prejudice split our Nation!

Lets us all take pride in our country,
From the Mountains of Kinabalu, to the beaches of Langkawi,
From the achievement of Lee Chong Wei to the reign of Nicol David
See how far we can go if we were not racist!

We have always been able to celebrate as one big family
Especially during Chinese New Year, Raya, Christmas and Deepavail!
Going to eat free food at a open house of some VIP!
So common Malaysia let us learn to appreciate our festivity!

There will be times when we will have a lot of prosperity,
But there will be plenty of times when we can no longer have a party,
Just remember Malaysian are famous for our generosity,
And always remember to take care of those who are in poverty!

Aren’t we sick to hear about, all the sodomy,
We really should make sure ACA focus on all the bribery!
Malaysian deserve to what happen too all their hard earn money,
And not listen to all those controversial police story!

Common Malaysia stand up and demand for a fair judiciary,
To seek justice for the poor and the minority,
The only way all Malaysian can truly be happy,
Is to make sure we are all treated equally!

After all we pay taxes to the same authority!
As Malaysia tries to be truly Asia,
Let us put aside our selfish nature,
And stand tall and be proud to be ....

A poem by Reuben Chan 31 August 2008

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