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Monday, November 9, 2009

My Trip to Fraser's Hill last weekend

Went to Fraser's Hill last weekend to bring my college's student for an Alpha Course Camp.
YES! I went alone again without my wife. What to do she got work.
I do miss her but it was just 2 days 1 night camp and I got to go take pictures again. This one nice ah?!?
Can you see the butterfly?
Ms Leow (MCKL's future Director of Academic Studies), Ms Moey and I took turns conducting the Alpha Course.
The course can be quite interesting with activities in between to make it more fun and interactive for the students.
Ms Moey and Ms Leow were great in their sessions. With over 30 years of experience teaching, it was a learning experience just watching them in action!
However we still had some blur students! (Kidding!)
Then came my turn! And I was nervous! How do I match these Giants of Faith and Experience in Teaching the word of God?!? .... The Answer!
You can't match them! So don't even try! Just do your own stuff like dressing your students like a clown so that they can relate better with you!! Hahahahaha!!
But serisously this were a really great bunch of students! Some of the rededicated their lives to the Lord and to serve Him!
I got to pray for them in an alter call like session.
(Sorry no pictures for that.)
Its been a long time since I did anything even close to that.
I am happy I had a chance to serve God and to make a difference in the lives of young people.

I know I am committed in so many things and have been travelling every other weekend. So I am very thankful for a very understanding wife that support and understand what I do. Even through some people complain to her that I am always gone over the weekends, she defends what I do.
TO all the Christian guys out there!!
All praise and glory and honour to God!

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