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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Inspiration! From God?!?

While driving this morning I was in deep thought and had this inspired message that came to me. I believe it is from God. So I want share this!

Let me start by saying that I am one of the most un-Christian like drivers I know. I have very little patience and I can get mad at people on the road.

Perhaps that is why God sent me to stay and work in KL.
Perhaps that is why I have to drive at least 1 hour every day to get to work.
Perhaps that is why I am sent to work in a traffic jam crazy place like Brickfields!

Perhaps God is trying to teach me something.
Hmmm.. Perhaps!
Malaysian are the Nicest People......
Till they get behind the wheel!
Malaysian Drivers are rude, inconsiderate, unethical, reckless and etc.
(and I am not much different also lah)
So are Malaysian Christian Drivers any better or different?!?
I have heard even Pastors and Christian confessing that they rather not put Christian Car stickers at the back of their car for fear of being a bad testimony to others!
BUT is that the right attitude to have?
Are we not effectively denying God in our driving lives?
It is like saying that "I am a Christian! But my Car is a Sinner!"
How can we then expect God to protect us in our driving and our cars when we don't even acknowledge Him while we drive?
Just like evangelising and sharing God with other.
One of the reason why we dare not share our faith with others, is because we are afraid that we ourselves are not good Christian example for our non-Christian friends.
But is that a good enough reason not to share Christian with other?
On the contrary, we need to share Christ with everyone and through the sharing of the word, we will have to force ourselves to always keep watch over our own actions!
This should be the same in our driving as well.
We should get lots and lots of Car Stickers and place it all around our Car to tell everybody around us that we are Christians!
This should force us to drive in a more polite and graceful manner because we know that others are watching us and we dare not bring shame to Jesus!
In fact I have an idea for a car sticker that says...
HONK once if I drive like Jesus!
HONK twice if I drive like the Devil!
Just think!
If this becomes a huge movement with all the Christian around Malaysia , this could become the single largest evangelistic movement in Malaysia! People will really know the Jesus makes a difference!
Then if the other religion see this good example and because they not wanting to lose out also follow suit... Soon we could change an entire generation of driving culture in Malaysia!
I have faith this will work... but I dunno where to start....probably by me changing my own driving habits. I can't do it by myself! I pray that the Holy Spirits will help me in that area!
In the mean time I am gonna do is to look for a Christian Car Stickers!

1 comment:

  1. wow! preach it brother! I know a vendor who can design and print car stickers .... wanna give it a try? This might actually take off!