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Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Trip to Singapore last week!

Last, last weekend I went to Singapore for the 2nd Stedfast Regional Fellowship Games.
Joanne couldn't come along cause she could not get off work.
Left on Fri and took the Second link into Singapore, which was quite fast and hassle free!
When we reach our accommodation, we were pleasantly surprise to have a bag-piper greeting us.
We stayed in the Girls Brigade HQ.
It has very nice, simple hostel.
As soon as we got settled down our very generous, nice host (Stedfast Singapore) took us on a double-decker, open bus tour.
This is my first time seating in such a tour.

Thank goodness I took my SLR camera with me to shoot some pictures!
The Stedfast Singapore Members took us for a tour of Singapore City!
And I got to see some interesting things!
Like Roof top for rent?!?! Rain how ah!??
It has been a long time since I visited Singapore and I found that Singapore (as expected) is very well developed and clean. But also I like that they managed to keep a lot of their old buildings!
We went around Little India as well because it was the eve or Deepavali and the tour guide thought it would be interesting for us to see Little India at its busiest time.

This is a new monument in Singapore. It looks like 2 pairs of chop sticks. It represents the 4 main races in Singapore.
This is the site where they are busy building the new casino! Genting Highlands gonna die liao lah!
The sunset view was nice to watch as well.

We pass by Carrie Underwood free concert! (at orchard road!)
Wanted to ask the bus drive to stop! But too bad lah!
One of Orchard Road's latest buildings! Nice!
One thing about Singapore is that they are a bit too liberal liao lah.
But I wouldn't want to cheat in Singapore lah!Next to the Adult Planet the have this sign! Wah Lau! Talk about strategic location!
Later the bus drop us off at a place call Clarke.
And then we hope on a boat for a night boat cruise!
The view from the boat was great! The river is now very clean. How I wish Klang river, or Sungai Pinang was like this!
I am getting use to the SLR camera and this is my fav pic I took from the trip!
Nice or not?!?
See here and here for more and better quality pictures!
The KL Stedfast team!
To top it all off, the Stedfast Singapore members took us to a very very posh and nice restaurant for dinner/supper.
We had their famous chili crabs!

Also got some other sea food stuff that I dunno what it is but it was good!

Later we took the MRT back to GB HQ!

Actually I found that Singapore has a lot of trees and parks as well.
The next day (Sat) we went to this Christian School for our games. Forget the name of the school liao!
The hospitality of the Stedfast Members were really really good!
Good food was always plentlyful!! This was lunch!
Our youngest but most exciting member from KL!

Again the Stedfast Singapore members fed us very well for dinner!

I loved the Cheese rice!
This is my Dad's Senior in Seminary College many years ago!
On Sunday we went to Payar Lebar Methodist Church.
It has been 20 years since I have been to that church!
Wah they tore it down and completely rebuild the church!
And it is a beautiful church!!
Really nice!!
Made me think about moving to Singapore!
On the way back I called my wife and talk to her about my trip!
She told me that she has always wanted to stay in Singapore because it is so nice, orderly, clean, and etc.

The thought of coming here and applying for PR did cross my mind too. But considering we just bought a house for over RM200k in Sunway. A similar house in Singapore will cost almost 1million Singapore $!!
After thinking about it Joanne and I decided that we are not going to spend the rest of our lives chasing a better life here on earth!
If by God's grace and blessing, He place us in a nice place like Singapore or Australia, then so be it. But if He place us in a Terrible Traffic Jam City like KL then we will ask God for our purpose and job that we need to do there.
We will invest our time and energy for better rewards in Heaven and not on earth!
Matthew 6:19 - 21
Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


  1. Nice pictures! :)

    I was working yesterday :) And I missed all the ACTION! I heard you were muscular and good la. Come join us some more next time! See you around and send my regards to your beautiful wife, Joanne!

    Bring her too! :)

  2. I enjoyed viewing your pics and your captions! You're gifted in photojournalism!
    How come my last trip to Sg didn't seem to cover so many places and food! :P