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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Trip to Sibu

Visit Sibu last week! Its been 14 years since I have been there. To tell you the truth, I don't think much has change.

There are some nicer decorations there now....
But a lot of the old buildings are still the same... (Not the hotel I stayed in ah!)

I was there for some school and church visit. But the first day I was free, so my colleague and I went to the Central Market.
There we ate the Kom Pia (a local delicacy found only in Sibu and Setiawan)

But in Sibu, they really know how to commercialize it!
Look more like Dunkin Kom Pia!!
Later we walk around Sibu town and I found the church I went to 14 years ago!
Masland Methodist Church! Wow! It still looks very nice and new!
They even have a centre call Hoover Centre which is like a convention centre/YMCA hostel thingy.
This place look like a 5 star hotel but the locals told me it cost only RM70.00 a night! Wah lau! My 3 star hotel cost me RM145 per night!

Well at least my hotel gave us complimentary drinks at their bar.
Actually the drinks only look nice. It was non-alcoholic (but super, crazy sweet) drink.

At least I got some entertainment at the pool and dart room.
Next day visited a couple of schools. One of which was SMK Methodist, Sibu!

This is a very, very nice school!!

Has a lot of smart students and the place is very well kept!

It even has very nice orkid
Later that evening I went to their pasar malam!
I was so jealous lah!!! Pork all over the place!!!
Even sold next to Malay stall!!!
This is what I call 1 Malaysia man!!
They also sold this fruit all over town! Too bad I didn't had time to find out!After that I walk around town and took some pictures!
Actually Sibu is a very small town and this was probably the most brightest place in town.
As I mention, this town has not change much!
I thought this type of movie theatre was extinct already

Next day visit another Education Fair and there some of the students took us to eat some local food! This was great because I am not too good at looking for local food.
If it was up to me alone I would have end up eating every day at their Sugar Bun Restaurant!

Anyway the students took me to a local place where I had some Peanut Shaved Ice thingy!
My colleague had Yam Shaved Ice thingy.
It was really really good!! Till now I still crave more it lah!
Also had something call "Wanton". This too was very very nice!
Wanted second helpings but scared wife scold!

The next day on a Sunday, I visited Wesley Methodist Sibu. They had kids EE that week!

This place is really a Methodist Town!!

Finally took the chance again to walk around Sibu town.
This is Sang Yang building. Biggest shopping mall in Sibu. I think it is the only shopping mall in Sibu....But sell mostly IT stuff and a lot of illegal DVDs!
The Sibu port area.

That evening I flew to Miri on this small plane. I remember the old plane I took to Sibu from Kuching years ago. Thank God this plane was much better this time!
At Miri , one of MCKL former student (Harry) took us out for dinner. He is a local and knows his way around!
Sibu has a lot of cheap and good food. Miri is not bad either. My colleague ordered this very nice and big lamb shank for only RM15.00
And he really enjoyed himself!While dumb people like me ordered Sweet and Sour Fish Rice!
At least the fish was good lah!
Next day went for another Education fair in Miri and came straight home!
Thank God for journey mercy! After 5 days I really really miss my wife!!!


  1. Hehehe! Sorry!
    I made myself hungry too!

  2. Hey...u went SIBU. oh no, so sad tha i nt there. Nt oli foodssss n places tha u hv been, I could bring u around to get more n more delicious foodsssss n nice places. I studied in SMK Methodist, went to church at Wesley Methodist Church, also 1st Sibu Company(BB) base. n i also had my kindergarden in Tadika Methodist Children Home. Can't believe that u hv went there. My's house is just nearby, less than 5 min drive!