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Two souls who by the grace of God found each other. As we love each other, we remember that it is God's love that made this all possible. As we strive to build a strong relationship, we remember that it is actually our r'ship with CHRIST that binds us together. So as we will begin our life together, it is our desire to share God's love to this world and be CHRIST's humble servant wherever He may call us! Now with the arrival of Breanne Chan, we pray that we will be able to bring her up according to God's Commands and Love!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Trip to JPN!

Last Thu we finally went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to register.
PJ has a branch and it cost only RM30.

But you can only be registered for marriage every Tue and Wed!
The officer told us the reason for this is because Mon and Thu is for divorce!
And they don't do work on Fri!
Typical Govt Office lah!

Can go to Shah Alam and Putrajaya to do it from Mon - Fri but we too lazy to go so far.

There is also a guy call Lim Kok Sai that has the license to do it 7 days a week, even on public holidays but he charges RM150.00
So nm lah! We just do it in JPN lah!
Wah now I expert on this! Next time who want to get married can call me for advise!