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Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Weekend Trip to Sarawak?!

I always wondered why the land of the hornbill has a Kuching for its main city?!?!? Would not the Kuching eat the bird?!?

Anyway I was in Kuching, Sarawak last weekend. I followed my CEO, Ms Moey to the Teacher Christian Fellowship Conference and Dinner. She was the official Speaker and I was there to promote Methodist College KL!

The TCF paid for her accommodation only so I had to look for a cheaper alternative and so one of the TCF committee member book for me a room in this hotel.

Looks a little bit shabby but what do you expect for RM65 a night.
The room was quite ok lah! Spacious and has own attached bathroom with air con and hot water.
TV was hopeless but I had no time to watch TV anyway!
Managed to walk around the bazaar area to do a little bit of window shopping as soon as I arrive in Kuching.
This Sarawak assembly is suppose to cost RM200 million. The local says that it actually cost RM100million and the other RM100million went to somewhere else!
I must say Sarawak has some unique infrastructure!
In the evening I got to meet up with my old friend, colleague, housemate, and church member! Mui Fan! Too bad she cannot make it for my wedding. So... feeling bad, she belanja me makan! hahahahaha!!
First time I had pork satay! Not bad!! Don't even need the gravy! Also had some dessert called "Matahorn". It was good to taste some local food there.
Next day (Sat), early morning I had to go to ACS for the TCF conference. I think it is amazing how the churches here can come together to build a centre for everyone!
At night we had the TCF Dinner at Sarawak Club!
It is a very nice club with a lot of heritage! Just too bad it went up in flames a couple of years back!
All they had left was some stuff they put on display.
Good thing they build in back very nicely!
I had a good time at dinner. The food was nice and I got to seat at the VIP dinner!
During the dinner I got caught unprepared to say a few words about the college. But I thank God for my gift of the gab and had no problems giving a short speech!
Ms Moey was up next and she really inspired all the younger teachers there!
The next day (Sun) I went to Trinity Methodist Kuching.
It is a huge church!
It even has its own bookshop! Mind you the bookshop is not small!
Neither is the Church Sanctuary!
I had to go for 2 services!!(8am and 10.30am) I was given an opportunity to talk to the whole congregation. Made me a bit nervous cause there were so many people. But it was a good Sunday to talk to the Church cause it was Girls Brigade enrolment service and I had the attention of over 60 girls there! So it was a very productive trip!

Finally, a Sarawakian Education Agent took me to eat some Ko Long Mee (Sarawak style). Not bad! But it us too bad I didn't had more time to go sight seeing or travel more in Kuching. Actually not that I couldn't, but I now don't feel right going on holiday without my Joanne!

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