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Two souls who by the grace of God found each other. As we love each other, we remember that it is God's love that made this all possible. As we strive to build a strong relationship, we remember that it is actually our r'ship with CHRIST that binds us together. So as we will begin our life together, it is our desire to share God's love to this world and be CHRIST's humble servant wherever He may call us! Now with the arrival of Breanne Chan, we pray that we will be able to bring her up according to God's Commands and Love!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Last month (April) my beautiful, pregnant wife had craving for spegatti/pasta. So we went to some nice but expensive spegatti restaurant at Empire Shopping Centre, Subang Jaya. I forget the name of the restaurant but they give you free bread with olive oil .

It wasn't too bad in the end as the set had quite big portion. But it still cost around RM80 for all that. So is it expensive? The Chicken and the Tomato on the bread is nice!

Another random thing last month was me having to spend a whole week in April in the Star Office to help shortlist Scholarship candidates .

It was such a heavy responsibility and I had such a heavy heart at doing this because I there were so many very good applicants. How do I shortlist them? Most of them have 9As and above. A lot of them have very good curiculam vitae as well. Only other thing is based on needs. It was really heart ache to choose only 15 student from over 60 quality applicants (per course!)

Well the shortlist had been done and the interview had been completed and the candidates selected for the Scholarship! I just pray and hope that I have done my part proper in terms of choosing the right and worthy Scholarship candidate!

This process has given me an insight to PSD/JPA scholarship process which I will write an article on soon!!!

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